Hi, clackers!

Meetups, work, uni? Maybe endgame setup?

I have something for you and your keyboard.


Order a sleeve

  • Want a totally personalized and unique custom sleeve for your keybord?
  • Just send me your idea or complete specification.

  • If you need help with your project, let me help. I can even do it for you, based on your idea.

  • Sleeves consist of spill-proof polyester outside, fleece inside and foamy fabric between exterior and interior to make the keyboard safer. On top of the sleeve, there is either a cordlock or a magnetic flap closing. Each sleeve is custom-made, so you're free to customize every detail of the sleeve.

  • Specification:
    • Side A & B of the exterior (send pics/files and describe everything as accurately as possible)
    • Color of the interior (link)
    • Size of the sleeve (can be adjusted to a specific keybord model or large enough to fit all keyboards in a specific size category, e.g. "60%")
    • Type of closing – cord lock or magnetic flap
      • for the cord lock closing:
        • color of the cord (link)
        • colors of the closing tunnels on side A and side B (let me know what color you want to match or send RGB/HEX code up)
      • for magnetic flap closing:
        • colors of the outer and inner parts of the flap (let me know what color you want to match or send RGB/HEX code up)
        • side on which flap should be attached
    • Let me know if you would like to have an interior (or exterior) pocket


  • 38$ for 40% keyboards (e. g. Planck, NIU mini)
  • 39$ for 60 – 68% keyboards (e. g. Anne Pro, RAMA M-60, TADA68, TOFU65)
  • 40$ for 75% – TKL keyboards (e. g. Drop CTRL, Realforce 87u, Vortex Race 3)
  • 41$ for 100% keyboard (e. g. Leopold FC980M, Melody96, IBM Model M)
  • You can pay using PayPal, Revolut or Transferwise.
    If you prefer to pay in other currency, please just let me know.

  • Shipping cost is 8$ worldwide
  • Delivery time is around 10 working days.

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any idea!
  • I will be honored to cooperate with you.